Industry Applications


IRL insights can provide manufacturers with valuable product penetration data and strategic advantages across various aspects of their operations.

Supply Management and Product Demand

IRL allows manufacturers to visualise consumer behaviour. This includes consumer shopping patterns i.e. when they shop, where they shop and how often they shop. With specific applications, IRL can predict population movement for holiday period forecasting. 

Distribution and Logistics

Warehousing and logistics centres for optimised delivery. Ensure distribution coverage to minimise overlap and maximise route to markets. 

Demand Forecasting

By analysing mobility patterns and consumer behaviour, manufacturers can better predict demand for their products. This helps in optimizing inventory levels, reducing excess stock, and ensuring that production aligns with market needs.

Market Expansion

Understanding the mobility patterns of consumers and consumer spend can aid manufacturers in identifying potential markets for expansion or product penetration. This data helps in optimizing distribution networks and tailoring marketing strategies to specific regions.

Our Expertise Across Industries: 360 Degree Insights

From retail to finance, IRL Consulting offers comprehensive touchpoints across diverse business sectors:

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