Point of Interest (POI) Data Insights

Key Features:

40,000+ High-Accuracy Retail POIs

Access an extensive database of over 40,000 meticulously curated Point of Interest (POI) locations, ensuring you have the most comprehensive and up-to-date view of your segment.

Rooftop-Level Mapping

Our POI data is mapped with rooftop-level precision, providing unparalleled accuracy for your location-based analysis and decision-making.

Ongoing Research and Validation

We continuously research and validate our POI data to ensure it remains accurate and reflective of real-world changes.

Use Cases

Local Competitive Analysis

Gain insights into your local competitive landscape, helping you make informed decisions about market entry, expansion, and competition.

Utilise our data to conduct in-depth market research, including location-based consumer behaviour analysis and competitor benchmarking (In connection with MAYA and/or MarketMetrics Pro.

Make data-driven decisions when selecting new business locations, ensuring you choose the most strategically advantageous spots.

Why Choose Our POI Data?

Our commitment to accuracy and ongoing validation sets us apart. We understand that having precise and up-to-date information is vital to your and our success, and we’re dedicated to providing the best data in the industry.


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