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MAYA is a geospatial web app displaying near real-time location data combined with demographic, consumption and visitation data. This view provides insight into anonymised customer personas and behavioural patterns. This is the key to competitive intelligence.


Location Decisions, Now.

"Say hello to precision, and wave goodbye to guesswork."

Key Features

Real-Time Insights

Gain near real time access to the latest information about consumer movements, demographics, and visitation patterns.

Customer Personas

Peek into anonymised customer personas, unlocking the secrets of consumer behaviour. Reports in MAYA showcase demographic profiles for catchment areas including household, population, age, race, income and LSM. 

Competitive Intelligence

Visualise opportunities and market potential for both your outlets and your competitors. 

Map-Based Interface

Visualise our data on a user-friendly map right on your web app. Get unparalleled visibility into consumer behaviour for any location.

Instant Reports

Generate comprehensive reports directly from the app or on your desktop for immediate decision-making clarity. Get the answers to your place-based questions immediately. 

Incorporate your data

Ensure continuity by visualising business data in the same reports and dashboard as the MAYA map interface.

Use Cases

Outlet Expansion

Retailers identify potential locations to expand their business by analysing customer behaviour patterns, catchment demographics and understanding where their target demographic frequently visits. MAYA highlights’ locations that maximise foot traffic and customer engagement.

Real estate developers can use catchment area estimation to assess the attractiveness of a location for housing projects. By considering factors like nearby schools, parks, and shopping centres, they can estimate the potential demand for housing in the area.

When launching a new product in an unfamiliar market, businesses can analyse available demographic data and consumer behaviour to adapt their marketing and product positioning to the local audience.

Businesses can perform competitor analysis by running home draw, catchment, demographic and turnover forecasts for the competitor landscape. This is gold standard and comprehensive competitor data insight.

Companies can develop targeted marketing campaigns by using available demographic data matched to home draw suburbs to understand the local customer base. This allows for tailored messaging and advertising channels to reach the right audience.

Businesses looking to expand into areas with limited data can use IRL indicators like population density, income levels, and online activity to identify potential expansion opportunities and assess market viability.

Companies can use incorporate external data sources to optimise their supply chains. By analysing factors like weather data, traffic patterns, and economic indicators, they can make near real-time decisions to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Environmental agencies use MAYA matched to satellite imagery and weather data to monitor and respond to National Park encroachment, parks management, natural disasters, climate change, and pollution incidents more effectively.

How to get your insights


Simply log in to the MAYA web app.

Select your Location

Choose the area you want to analyse.

Generate Reports

With a few clicks, generate comprehensive reports to guide your decision-making process.

Demographic Profiling

  • LSM & Income: Understand the socioeconomic profile of your target audience.
  • Population: Know the size of the market you’re targeting.
  • Households: Get insights into the number of potential customers in the area.
  • Age: Learn the age distribution of your audience.
  • Gender: Understand the gender makeup of your potential customers.
  • Catchment and Home Draw Suburbs: Discover the areas from which your customers are drawn and where they call home.

Visitation and Human Movement

Track human movement patterns, helping you make informed decisions about your business.


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