Visitation Base

Discover mobility profiles for every corner of your geography and enjoy a future of data-driven decision-making! Our visitation base provides you with a comprehensive mobility profile for every geographic region regardless of geography. Harness the power of H3 Hexagons at Resolution 9, and dive deep into 27 customisable metrics per cell.

"Visitation Base is your gateway to understanding visitor behaviour and optimising your strategies."

Key Features:

Precision at Its Finest

Visitation Base is displayed an H3 Hexagons at Resolution 9, ensuring unparalleled precision in your mobility data. Every hexagon represents a unique geographic area with an average edge length of 174 meters.
*100m x 100m visitation is also available on request.

Tailor Insights to Your Needs

With 27 available metrics per cell, you have the flexibility to customise your data analysis. Choose the metrics that matter most to your business and gain insights tailored to your goals.

Key Metrics Included

Use Cases

Retail Strategy

Optimise store locations, product placements, and staffing based on footfall and dwell-time insights.

Enhance city planning and infrastructure development by understanding high density areas, transportation choke points and migration.

Identify areas of high visitation that match your target segment to get as many eyes on your Out of Home advertisements as possible.


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