Business Universe

The Business Universe dataset is your gateway to invaluable data on the count of registered businesses by sub-place. Our data offers a comprehensive overview of the business landscape, providing you with essential information to make informed B2B or strategic planning decisions. *RSA Only

Key Features:

2.1 Million Registered In-Businesses

Access a vast database of over 2.1 million registered in-businesses, meticulously geo-coded for precise location analysis.

IRL Researched SIC Descriptions

Our team of experts has researched and curated Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) descriptions, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

SIC Classed Roll-Up to 15 Classes

Seamlessly navigate the business landscape with SIC classifications rolled up into 15 main classes, including Agriculture, Construction, Education, Financial, Healthcare, and more.

Use Cases

Market Segmentation

Identify and target specific industry sectors with precision, enabling effective marketing and business development strategies.

Gain a competitive edge by understanding your industry’s landscape and benchmarking against competitors.

Make informed decisions about expanding your operations or entering new markets based on business registration data.

Access crime statistics for the regions of interest, allowing you to factor safety and security into your business strategies.


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