Consumption Universe

The ultimate source of Consumption Expenditure insights. This data offers a comprehensive view of consumer spending patterns across 13 crucial categories at a sub place level. Our Consumption Expenditure Universe is designed to empower businesses, policymakers, and researchers with the data they need to make informed decisions based on spend patterns. 

The Consumption Universe is an indicative measure of spend within a given Subplace (suburb).

This indicates the amount of money spent by the people in that area.

"There are over 750 categories and the 12 main categories of spend."

Key Features:

13 Categories of Expenditure

Access detailed insights into consumer spending across 13 essential categories, including Food, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Liquor, Apparel, Housing, and more.

750 Low-Level Categories by Income Category

Customise your analysis with access to 750 low-level expenditure categories segmented by income level, allowing for precise targeting and market evaluation.

Multiple Sources

Our data is derived from the aggregation of 7 million surveys, ensuring the most reliable and comprehensive dataset for your analysis. Proven by accurate roll up to GDP.

"Ground Truth" Validated

We employ rigorous validation processes to ensure that our data accurately reflects real-world consumer behaviour, providing you with the confidence you need in your decisions.

Use Cases

High-Confidence Market Evaluation

Evaluate market potential with high-confidence data on consumer spending, enabling you to identify growth opportunities and trends.

Compare consumer expenditure patterns across suburbs (sub-places), regions, or income categories to fine-tune your market strategies.

Forecast retail turnover with high accuracy using our robust data, leading to optimised inventory management and business planning.

Our data offers a high R-squared value, indicating strong predictive power and reliability for your statistical analyses and forecasts.


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