Welcome to the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of demographic data for your region or country. Our Demographics Insights data is your one-stop solution for gaining a deep understanding of the population’s dynamics.

"Our Demographics layer covers everything from population, households, age and income to race, gender, and LSM (Living Standards Measure) data and more."

Key Features:

Multiple Data Sources

We aggregate data from various reliable sources to provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive demographic information available.

Demographic Insights

Gain insights into any population's age distribution, income levels, racial composition, gender distribution, and LSM data.

Mobility Analysis

Understand population mobility trends and patterns, helping you make informed decisions related to community, urban planning, and accessibility.

Crime Statistics

Access the latest crime statistics to better understand safety and security conditions in different regions of South Africa. *South Africa only.

Release Enhancements

Annual updates include significant improvements and additions to our data, including updates to LSM and mobility data.

Use Cases

High Confidence Demographic Profiling

Our data empowers you to create accurate and high-confidence demographic profiles of target audiences for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Make data-driven decisions about market sizing, penetration, and growth opportunities based on the most current demographic data available.

Plan infrastructure development and investment strategies by considering the latest population data and mobility trends.

Assess investment opportunities with a comprehensive understanding of the population and its dynamics.


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