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The Comprehensive Toolkit for Data-Driven Business Growth

MarketMetrics Pro is a suite of critical metrics that empower your business to make smarter diagnostic decisions. From understanding and predicting shopper behaviour to gaining insight into competitor trends MarketMetrics Pro has you covered.

MarketMetrics Pro

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Key Questions

When Do People Visit Outlets?

Which Outlets Are Growing?

Which Outlets Do They Visit?

Where Else Do They Visit?

How much share does my competitor have?

Is Demand Growing or Shrinking in the Market?

What are the key Metrics?

Footfall Trend
View footfall trend lines to gain visibility of market potential.
Share of Footfall
Which brands are winning in attracting feet through the door?
Average Dwell Time
How long do customers stay?
Average Frequency of Visit
How often do your customers visit?
Cross Shop
What other brands do your customers also visit?
Day of Week

What time and day are your customers most likely to visit?

Distance to store
How far are you attracting customers from?

Use Cases

Store Performance Enhancement

Analyse how the time customers spend in your store affects revenue and basket sizes. Optimise store layouts, product placements, and customer engagement strategies to improve performance.

Understand changes in market volume and dynamics by tracking footfall trends. Make informed decisions about expansion, marketing campaigns, and inventory management based on seasonal and market-specific trends for you vs the competitors.

Gain insights into customer behaviour and loyalty. Determine whether you are attracting new customers or retaining repeat shoppers. Adjust marketing and loyalty programs accordingly.

Identify your top competitors and strategise to capture a larger share of the customer wallet. Analyse customer preferences and habits to tailor your offerings.

Use precise data on the average distance customers travel to your store to optimise your marketing efforts. Target specific geographic areas more effectively and refine market potential modelling.

Uncover market share dynamics by monitoring your share of footfall. Identify areas where competition is intensifying or weakening and adjust your market strategies accordingly.

Compare peak hours with those of your competitors to optimise your operating hours, staffing, and marketing efforts. Ensure you are open when your target audience is most active.


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