Relational Matrix

Welcome to the future of consumer analytics! Relational Matrix is your key to understanding the intricate connections between places and consumer visitation. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven decisions.

Quantify Connectivity with Relational Matrix. Answers the questions: What proportion of the visitors to suburb ‘X’ also visit suburb ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’? Or where do residents of a suburb also go?

"Better serve the population where it will make the most difference."

Key Features:

Connect the Dots

Where do visitors to any selected suburb also visit? Dive deep into consumer behaviour and explore the places that go hand-in-hand. Uncover hidden patterns and make informed decisions on marketing, penetration and opportunity.

Know Your Residents

Where do residents of any selected sub place also visit? Understand your local community's preferences and interests. Tailor your offerings to match their tastes.

Prioritise Placement

Identify which suburbs your residents or visitors visit the most. Maximise your reach by placing your marketing/outlets/business where it matters most. Target your audience where they are most active and have the most affinity to your brand.

Minimise Cannibalisation

Understand which of your already served suburbs you might cannibalise the most. Optimise your existing operations to prevent competition within your own portfolio. Minimise losses and maximise growth.

Use Cases

New Outlet Placement

How do I better serve residents of suburb X with a new store?

Where should I place my OOH to attract customers to also live in suburb X?

Where is the ideal location for my advertising to attract people who visit location X?

What is the potential store cannibalisation for visitors who visit location X or Y?


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