irl: In Real Life

Real Life in Real Time. Made Simple.

The secret to brand growth is mental and physical availability. With the explosion of connected mobile technologies, we are now able to access and analyse data about people, places and things tied to their positions in the real world, and answer the basic questions about physical availability which drive big changes in profitability. By making technology simple and bringing together the world’s best consumer and environment data providers we answer questions like:

  • Where in the city is the greatest demand for my product/service category?
  • Where should I open my next store?
  • Are any of my stores cannibalising each other’s customer base?
  • What is my current store customer profile?
  • Are my products and services ideally matched to my customer base’s shopping habits?
  • Is the tenant mix in my mall correct?
  • How do shoppers move around my store?
  • Where do my customers come from?


A Snapshot of Shopper Movement Data Signals in Gauteng