irl: In Real Life


A new breed of Location Intelligence

IRL Consulting combines new and disparate datasets in innovative ways to represent what is happening in the real world today. We believe in driving increased access to goods, services and information for more people in more places. We do this by putting the power of multiple new, dynamic location data sets in the hands of the worlds best data scientists.

understand what is happening in the real world in completely new ways

We achieve this by creating data products that make extracting location-specific insights easy, thus empowering large organisations to make better decisions that have an impact at a local level.

By making technology simple and bringing together the world’s best consumer and environment data providers we answer questions like:

  • Where in the city is the greatest demand for my product/service category?
  • Where should I open my next store?
  • Are any of my stores cannibalising each other’s customer base?
  • What is my current store customer profile?
  • Are my products and services ideally matched to my customer base’s shopping habits?
  • Is the tenant mix in my mall correct?
  • How do shoppers move around my store?
  • Where do my customers come from?

Know what is happening on the ground.

IRL Consulting is pioneering geo-behavioural consumer data bringing digital precision to real-world consumer trend analysis, covering every retail location across all retail brands in the formal and informal sector across Africa and the Middle East.

Our unique, qualified and tested data demonstrate a number of leading indicators across multiple retail-focused domains, helping retailers, their suppliers and real estate investors develop better-informed strategies through an orthogonal source of investible information.

“High-quality geo-behavioural data is more relevant than ever, and IRL Consulting’s first-party, POPI and GDPR-compliant geo-behavioural dataset is the go-to resource for information on offline consumer behaviour.”